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16 December, 2021 - 31 March, 2022

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*Pre-recorded sessions available for unlimited viewing till December 2022

What is S.A.L.T.?

S.A.L.T. is the basic ingredient of Relational Intelligence. Relational Intelligence helps us leverage that unspoken, unseen power that enables us to lead more effectively and produce results that matter.

S.A.L.T. is an acronym that stands for

S: Somatic Learning

A: Authentic Conversations

L: Language & Leadership

T: Trust building



Manavalan K

Founder & CEO, LMTEQ

Why is S.A.L.T important?

As organisations, leaders and individuals navigate the new normal, developing relational intelligence becomes the need of the hour. Right now, the ability to be present, productive, and to connect with others is what sets leaders apart. 

Relational Intelligence can help you meet this leadership need. It helps you be more fully connected to what you’re working on and develop a powerful combination of emotional and ethical intelligence. It helps guide your leadership behaviour in a way that enables you to deal with complex dilemmas and make more balanced and responsible decisions. 

S.A.L.T. is a tailored program which explores four important aspects being a Relational Leader, namely — Somatic Learning, Authentic Conversations, Language & Leadership and Trust Building. Together, they help you lead with compassion, empathy and understanding, and drive results that make an impact.

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S.A.L.T. — Learning Outcomes

  • Update your 'relational resume' and change old behaviour patterns
  • Learn 3 positive relational strategies to impact your team
  • Ace your upward relationships — with bosses, clients and management teams
  • Learn a toolkit to impact your public identity at work
  • Learn a conversational intelligence idea for prompting action from others
  • Make and manage tough agreements with your team, clients and bosses
  • Shift tough relationships by building trust
  • Develop intuition and power in your listening
  • Conduct sticky conversations with ease and authenticity
Shefali Kosta


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Who is S.A.L.T. for?

Anyone leading a team or a business of any size, S.A.L.T. would be a useful course for you.

The S.A.L.T. Course: Teaching Methods

  • Pre-recorded videos with unlimited viewing access till the end of 2022
  • 10 live sessions of 90 minutes each, conducted over three and half months
  • Each live session will include a detailed discussion of the core topics  for that week
  • The live sessions will engage the participants through discussions, Q&As and coaching sessions.
  • Each module will include practice work and a reflection sheet with topic note
  • Some modules will have mind-body practices
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The S.A.L.T. Curriculum and Schedule

Time for live sessions: 6:30 PM – 8 PM (IST) 

16 December, 2021 (Thursday): Introduction to Relational Intelligence & Presence

- Introduction and context setting for the course
- Start practicing presence as a way of being.
- Learn a somatic practice to build this muscle

6 January, 2022 (Thursday): Ego States & ‘How I show up?’

- Explore the concept — ‘The Self of the leader is where one leads from’.
- Understand what constitutes the Self from a personality perspective.
- Learn Eric Berne’s Ego State theory to deconstruct YOU

20 January, 2022 (Thursday): Anatomy of Action & Care

- Learn the ‘Anatomy of Action’ model and its application for leading teams while being impactful peers or clients.
- Learn about ‘Care’ and its importance in effective leadership in life and work.
- Become more aware of how care changes the way you work and focuses your attention on waste and value creation.
- Understand how it shifts the way you get work done.

3 February, 2022 (Thursday): Conversational Stance & Effective Transacting

- Learn the ‘I am OK, You are OK’ conversation approach and how to practice this
- Learn about communication patterns and shifting places in ourselves and others.

10 February, 2022 (Thursday): Exclusive Coaching Conversation 

- Bring your life case examples and get coached by Sai.
- Learn tools and strategies through these group coaching experiences.

24 February, 2022 (Thursday): The Contracting Conversation & Strokes

- Learn the vital leadership skill of making agreements with others.
- Learn how to deep dive into the unknown space of the psychological.
- Learn skills to uncover the unsaid and hold these conversations with confidence.

3 March, 2022 (Thursday): Changing Core Patterns & Moods

- Uncover your relational resume, limiting patterns and learn to shift energies.
- Learn a method of reversing unhelpful patterns and stepping into abundant patterns

10 March, 2022 (Thursday): Requests, Offers, Promises

- Learn how to add value in professional relationships
- Understand how you can impact your public identity in your organization and in the eyes of clients

17 March, 2022 (Thursday): Exclusive Coaching Conversation 

- Bring your life case examples and get coached by Sai.
- Learn tools and strategies through this group coaching experiences.

31 March, 2022 (Thursday): I am a relational Leader

- Closing transformations and onward journey.
- Integrate your learnings of SALT in establishing who you are as a relational leader

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Hear From The Participants 

Vandana Srivastava

Vice President & Business Head (South)

Inayat Shaikh

Senior Project Manager


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  • 10 live sessions


  • Pre-recorded digital course (with unlimited viewing access till the end of 2022)