Are you looking to expand your impact in the world?
Do you want to better navigate situations of power and influence?
Are you keen to be a force to reckon with in your organization, community and industry?


Power Up - Women Leadership Program

Are you looking to expand your impact in the world? 
Do you want to better navigate situations of power & influence?
Are you keen to be a force to reckon with in your organisation, community and industry?


What is Power Up?

Power Up is a 12-month leadership program that enables senior women leaders to re-evaluate their mindset towards power - owning it, sharing it and exerting it.

Together, we will identify ways in which you can elevate your leadership and create a strategy for amplifying your influence and impact.


Who Will Find the Course Beneficial?

Senior women leaders who are planning for expansive growth and want to be seen and heard in order to make an impact.

  • Leaders with minimum 16 to 20 years of experience
  • Senior Executives & Business Heads
  • Heads of HR, L&D, OD
  • Heads of social enterprises & NGO leaders
  • Entrepreneurs

What Does Power Up Offer?

The course impacts transformation in 2 spaces:

Who You Are?

  • Take a personal deep dive to focus on self. The self, after all, is where you lead from.
  • Learn via the emotional, philosophical, psychological and somatic dimensions - a Mind-Body-Spirit approach to leadership.
  • Reframe and redefine many areas of growth and expansion in life and work.
  • Understand and reconcile concepts like ethics, politics, conflict, gender, money and ambition with one another.
  • Explore diverse stories and narratives about worth, value and self-esteem.

 What You Do?

  • Learn tangible lessons on taking brave decisions, navigating tough conversations and having a dignified presence.
  • Build on your practical, relational and conversational intelligence.
  • Put your learnings in real-life contexts with a Mastermind-format via a Think Tank.
  • Learn a Generative Leadership framework to building your public identity
  • Learn in an embodied way on power and presence in leadership


Power Up goes beyond the conceptual ideas of successful leadership. It equips you with practical tools and methods to chart your growth. 

  • Tangible leadership strategies derived from the SELPH (Somatics, Emotions, Language, Practice, History) approach
  • Developing a new lens on Power, Ethics, Conflict, Gender, Money, and Ambition
  • Deep dive into your personal narratives and learn to expand possibilities for life
  • Learn about the Anatomy of Action and Care concept to enable powerful conversations.
  • Identifying your individual ‘Cares’ and purpose. Find that source of energy and satisfaction for yourself. 
  • Examine old life patterns that limit you and use tools to change them
  • Understanding how Conversations for Action are vital for operational success
  • Learn somatic applications for Listening, Presence, conflict, negotiation, and warrior-like strength
  • Learn authentic ways  to build your public identity by making requests, offers, promises, and playing big games
  • Learn ways to identify, tame, and move beyond the inner critic
  • Expand your capacity by managing your overwhelm and enhancing your energy
  • Navigate through ambiguity by tapping into the 'power of not knowing'
  • Understand the nuts and bolts of essential team conversations
  • Master the essential competence of Power and Politics
  • Develop generative leadership by enabling choices through awareness

Course Structure

Power Up is not for passive learning. It seeks to engage every participant with a variety of learning formats, interactive sessions and provoking conversations.

4-6 hours of live session each month

60 hours of live learning with Sailaja Manacha

In-person session thrice-a-year

Group of 10-12 participants only

Access to session recordings


20 hours of live learning with guest coaches


What Makes It Unique?


1) Your needs, your curriculum: The sessions and formats discussed above give you a glimpse of what Power Up offers. However, the group can choose through common consensus how you wish to shape the course curriculum. A small group of learners enables this flexibility.


2) Blend of Psychology, Body-somatics and Generative Leadership: Explore the mind-body-spirit approach to grow yourself as a leader.  Life-learning is about learning connected to your stage of life and the career stage you are at.   This is important as women we play multiple roles.  Exposure to a blended eclectic approach such as the Power Up curriculum builds a strong spine and a full heartedness that is important for leadership today. 


3) Varied learning formats and methods: With Live sessions, papers, learning team conversations, actionable steps, mastermind sessions, and somatic learning, Power Up keeps you tuned in to your new game and efforts. Sai holds accountability for your success walking right beside you. 


4) Insights from guest faculty: Every month, you will meet an experienced guest speaker who brings their rich wisdom and learning to the group in a curated 90-minute session.


5) A thriving sense of community: The course brings together a tribe of women leaders to create a space for community, understanding, and mutual growth. The collective wisdom and energies of the cohort will be your safe space to lean into. We need this as we take a big leap.


Meet Your Coach

Sailaja, or Sai to those who know her, is a certified leadership coach, an accredited psychotherapist, and as well as a trainer-supervisor of therapists. She facilitates individuals in elevating their leadership game not just professionally, but in personal life as well.

As a psychologist, she employs a range of processes that facilitate a deeper engagement with one’s inner self, to develop a mindful and potent approach to leading. Her unique methods are based on in-depth research and rich experiences, making her programs widely successful.

Her recent book, STEP UP, book on women leadership, was a bestseller on Amazon India, having secured the #1 spot in four categories: Business Self-Help, Hot New Releases in Education, Movers and Shakers and Hot New Releases in Business Self-Help.


  • Masters in Psychology and Organizational Behaviour
  • Accredited Master Certified Coach (MCC) from the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Accredited Psychotherapist & trainer, TSTA (Psychotherapy) of the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA)
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP)

Meet Your Guest Faculty

Gail M. McDonald

President, Transition Resources, Inc.

Kobe Bogaert

Managing Director, Altus Growth Partners

Ragini Rao

Co-Founder & Life Coach, Infinum Growth Insights

Pam Fox Rollin

Principal and Executive Coach, Altus Growth Partners

Newell Eaton

Leadership Coach & Group Facilitator,
East West Leadership Coaching 

Jan Irene Miller

Strategic Consultant and Coach

Madhu Smriti Shukla

Facilitation and Design- Theatre based learning Interventions, By the River

Jacintha Jayachandran

Employee Experience & Transformation, Genpact; 
Managing Trustee, Hope Skip Jump

Farah Ismail

Courage Catalyst, Facilitator, Executive Coach & Speaker

Sheeja Shaju 

Program Leader, Executive Leadership Coach, Speaker, Founder and CEO, I Create

Amy Vodarek

Founder, Insight Edge Learning and Leadership Inc.


The Commercials

Being a part of Power Up is an investment that you make in yourself. 

Cost: Rs. 2,20,000 + GST

NGOs/Social Enterprises: Bursaries are available**


Payment Plan

Rs. 55,000 + GST to be paid on enrolment

Remaining amount can be paid in installments.

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